Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Week

Welp it's been one week since our IUI. Could these days go by any slower?? I am actually surprising myself with how patient and laid back I have been. Do I want to test... yes. Will I.. Heck no! I've had some weird off and on symptoms

1dp0- mild cramping on left side
2dp0- More sleepy @ work than usual ( could be b/c I didn't get much sleep before I went in)
5dp0- cramps almost all day... felt like AF cramps, and I had the poops! (TMI) :)
6dp0- mild cramps again, not like the day before and then felt normal the rest of the day, until dinner time when I had a normal size meal and felt so bloated and full after.

I guess from everywhere I read there are a lot of ppl that have implantation bleeding, but If I had those bad cramps on day 5 and would think that would be implantation, but two days later and no bleeding or spotting.

Have any of you NOT had any spotting and end up with a BFP?

We are going to keep trucking along!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have found from last time and now this time that Google is my enemy! I need to stay away from it but I can't!

So I got to thinking about my ONE follicle I had that measured 27mm and started googling about that. It got me upset b/c everything I read said that 27mm was too big and would never produce a viable pregnancy, that it was too ripe. I literally looked at sooo many pages and they all said about the same thing.

I'm going to keep my promise to myself and not test until my two week time which will save my mind from going crazy some, but the Internet is right at my fingertips!

I also told myself with every negative thing I was thinking I would try to make a positive... so here is the positive

Call it fate or a weird coincidence but the night of my IUI on my way to work was a Full beautiful moon, in my view the whole drive to work. Ang is in the float pool @ her hospital and so she texted me the unit number she was on...she must of miss typed some of the numbers b/c when I called the number it was the lactation line to the hospital! THEN.. Ang had a sweet Arabic lady and without Ang saying anything to her the lady asked her if she was trying to have a baby, and Ang said Yes. The lady said I will pray for you and every time Ang went into her room she would tell her she is still praying for a baby!

We both thought those things were all a little weird! Who knows. Today is day three of the 14 day wait!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Deed

The deed has been done. This morning @ 0930 a.m. I was shot up with spermies!

This was my first IUI experience since last time it was IVF. I have to say, things were different than I thought they would be.

I guess I thought my MD would be doing it, and that was surprise one because it was the nurse practitioner. I love her... she is very sweet and very knowledgeable, but she is NOT gentle at all. You would think the female would be more sensitive, careful and caring but my MD is way more all those things! When she put the speculum in, she didn't use any kind of lube... OUCH! It prob wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't taken the Clomid, but the clomid dries me up a bit. Then when she put in the catheter and blew up the ballon on the end she did it so fast my abdomen hurt so bad! The rest of the time went by ok. Her and Ang mostly talked the whole time and I layed there and tried to relax as much as possible and not think about things.

On a good note.... Our swimmers motility were 37.5 million! Holy crap! I guess that is very much above the average so I'm happy about.

The NP was also very surprised that my ovaries didn't respond well to the Clomid. She suspected since I'm in my mid 20s , in good health, no fertility problems, that I would have produced atleast 3-6 follices. Hmm. So if this time doesn't work she said next round they would probably move on to clomid plus injectables.

So now starts the ever so long 2 week wait. Here we go

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Staying positive

Well trying atleast.

So today @ the MD I had a follice scan and it showed ONE...only ONE follice that measured 27mm with really good uterus lining.

I thought for sure since I took the Clomid that I would have more than one.

But like everyone says... It only takes one! So I'm feeling good and positive on that note.

I triggered tonight with HCG and go in Thursday morning for the IUI.

I have accupuncture in the A.m. and hope that will take my mind off things!

We need good thoughts our way... I'm already dreading the TWW

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night we went and saw Paramore at a smaller venue dowtown! Guess who opened for them... Tegan and Sara!!

Let me tell you... the lesbians came out of the woodwork last night in Phoenix. Ang and I were thinking we haven't seen this many gay ppl in this town ever! It was nice to know we aren't the only ones who exist!

Tegan and Sara were awesome. They were quirky cute and rocked out. I have never seen them before but Ang saw them like 10 years ago in Canada at some small bar. Would like to see them again when we could hear them play all night!

Paramore surprised me as well! Very good performance... !

Note: no more crying or weird side effects from the Clomid any more. Hoping they made some big follies for us!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I lied...

Ok I totally take back that my only side effect from the Clomid as been hot flashes! And also I didn't have to take 4 days... 5days. So today is day 5. Thank God

I cannot stop crying. I'm so sick of it.. I get goin and cry so hard my head starts to pound! Yesterday watching Oprah... tears
Movie I have seen 10 times and never cried about... tears

To top it off last night at work I had a patient go down hill quick and this morning he made the desicion that he was done.. I don't usually get emotional at work but I couldn't help myself and cried infront of the patient, his daughter, another nurse and a doctor.

I can't think of what else would make me so emotional but the Clomid! I'm a freakin baby

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clomid and Birthday

So today was day 3 of 4 on the clomid. I have to say it hasn't made me bitchy or emotional! Horrah!
I have been having hot flashes... bad! I can only think it is due from the Clomid b/c that's the only new thing I have been taking. These past two nights I wake up so hot and then get so cold. It has being happening on and off all day today too.. blah!

Labor day was my hunnys big 37th Birthday! We went for Sushi at her favorite place, then Cheesecake factory for dessert and vino and ended up a local bar called moon bar! It was a very good evening! Love ya baby!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random thoughts

Going through this whole process I have stayed so optimistic and had such a great outlook on things. Especially since we did IVF first and I know that it usually last resort for many couples.

With the IVF not working for whatever reason with Angie's eggs, I feel like how is IUI going to happen with me?

I am optimistic in it working though and am very excited. I feel guilty though because I'm already planning where I will be and what I will be doing for next month when I would inseminate again. Is that horrible that I am already thinking this first one won't work, or just realistic in making sure if it doesn't I'm prepared for the next one?

You all probably think I'm crazy blogging at this time in the morning BUT ... I'm a ICU nurse and work nights... best blogging comes around this time!

So this morning after work I go to the MD office for day three lab work ( hormone levels and what not ) and a va ja ja ultrasound to "make sure things are good and quiet"... I'm not too sure how necessary this ultrasound really is though. I feel like everything is just a money grab. Really... $200 bucks for you to look at my ovaries and be like "yupp everything looks great". Whatever

Also this morning I start Clomid 50mg for the next 4 days. I have heard Clomid can make you pretty crazy! With IVF the progesterone and estrogen I was taking made me an emotional irrational mess! Pray for Ang.. she will need it!

That's all for now! Ciao!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Introducing.... AF!! Yes, two days late, but here finally. Never have I ever been so excited to start my period...well maybe like in the 8th grade :) !

Called the MD office this morning to report CD1 , should start Clomid 50mg days 3-7.. that was the original plan, so we will see when they call back.

Nothing else new to report. Trying to lay low and stay as relaxed and stress free as possible!

Going for another accupuncture treatment this morning @ 1000! Pretty excited!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweet babies

Our kitties that is! They are just precious, sweet, lovey animals. Love our 4 legged babes!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One down

Well I went for it and had my first acupuncture today. It went really well. My therapist went through everything and was very detailed about the whole process. There was one needle he put in my right hand that I swear must of hit a nerve or nerve endings, b/c it hurt and made my ring finger and pinky numb! Ouch! Otherwise it was very relaxing and I even fell asleep for part of it! I'm going to go every week and hopefully it will help keep my stress low and my opstimisticism ( made up that word :) ) up! Should start AF on Monday... hurry up!