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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm alive

Well it's been just a bit since I've updated my blog! I've been just a bit BUSY! lol. Little guy is taking a nap so I have a few min. to update!

* Tuesday will be three weeks already! I can't believe it.

* I'm still healing from my lovely tear.. I'm ready for things down there to be more normal! How long is the bleeding suppose to last anyway?

* Ang went back to work last Friday.. it was hard. She worked two nights in a row... and I made her call in her third night. It was overwhelming! She has been such a good mamma. I knew she would be, but she is so much more amazing then I could ever imagine. For example.. she was suppose to work last night, but was called off. Well since she slept all day she was wide awake, so she took care of monkey ALL night! I got 7 hours of sleep.

*Huge props to all you ladies that are/have breastfeed. I have to get out my frustrations about this. TMI about to be shared. So right after I had him ( within 30 minutes) We tried putting him on my breast for the first feeding. This was done in my labor and delivery room and I feel like no one really cared to take the time to help us. The nursery nurse tried to get him to latch but after just a few tries she states I need to use a nipple shield b/c my nipples are flat/inverted. (This is very true by the way). So the nipple shield seemed to do the trick ( a little painful) but he was latching. Looking back I wish I would've been more adamant about getting someone to try more with us before giving us the nipple shield. So we went home, feeding every two hours or so, still using the nipple shield. By day 3 I noticed that my nipples were bleeding, cracking, and scabbing. Oh, and beyond painful. I figured that maybe this was normal at first and things would get better. By day 5 I couldn't stand it anymore. I call the 24 hour lactation line (bawling my eyes out), I'm not sure how she understood anything I was saying, but explained my problem and she made it clear that I can't continue to use the nipple shield because that's what's causing the injury to my nipples and even though I had flat nipples we would still be able to get him to latch on. So I have her on speaker phone walking me through things, Ang helping hold baby and my boob, and both baby and I crying. We got him to latch a few times, but he just wasn't having it. I feel like he was already so use to the shield that learning something new just wasn't happening for him. Which brings me back to wishing we couldve gotten a correct latch in the first place. All this stress was causing my hormones to be even more crazy. I was crying a lot, not eating, and feeling sick. I tried the pumping next but stressed myself out about that as well. I couldn't figure out how I was suppose to have time to pump my milk, feed it to my baby, and take care of him all by myself. I know women do it all the time, but I couldn't. Sooooo all this said I decided to switch him to formula... and was so so so upset about it. But now that I'm not stressing out about all of that I'm feeling a lot better emotionally.

* We had his two week apt yesterday and he weighs 9lbs even! (He was 7lbs 12 oz @ birth)

* We also had his two week old pics taken on Tuesday. He was a trooper and only had one major fussy moment. I will post pics when I get them back.

* My mom and sister have been in town since Monday and have been a huge huge help. It's been so nice having them here. Well.. my sister is here to stay!! Little man is so lucky to have all these ladies in his life.

* Monkey LOVES to eat. He is still eating almost every two hours. Lately we've gotten some three hour stretches at night. He is eating almost 3 oz every time. Sometimes he will have 4oz!

Will try to be better and update more often! Oh... and I STILL can't comment on any ones blog that uses blogger. I'm so close to switching to wordpress b.c it is pissing me off. I'm still following along ladies!