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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm alive

Well it's been just a bit since I've updated my blog! I've been just a bit BUSY! lol. Little guy is taking a nap so I have a few min. to update!

* Tuesday will be three weeks already! I can't believe it.

* I'm still healing from my lovely tear.. I'm ready for things down there to be more normal! How long is the bleeding suppose to last anyway?

* Ang went back to work last Friday.. it was hard. She worked two nights in a row... and I made her call in her third night. It was overwhelming! She has been such a good mamma. I knew she would be, but she is so much more amazing then I could ever imagine. For example.. she was suppose to work last night, but was called off. Well since she slept all day she was wide awake, so she took care of monkey ALL night! I got 7 hours of sleep.

*Huge props to all you ladies that are/have breastfeed. I have to get out my frustrations about this. TMI about to be shared. So right after I had him ( within 30 minutes) We tried putting him on my breast for the first feeding. This was done in my labor and delivery room and I feel like no one really cared to take the time to help us. The nursery nurse tried to get him to latch but after just a few tries she states I need to use a nipple shield b/c my nipples are flat/inverted. (This is very true by the way). So the nipple shield seemed to do the trick ( a little painful) but he was latching. Looking back I wish I would've been more adamant about getting someone to try more with us before giving us the nipple shield. So we went home, feeding every two hours or so, still using the nipple shield. By day 3 I noticed that my nipples were bleeding, cracking, and scabbing. Oh, and beyond painful. I figured that maybe this was normal at first and things would get better. By day 5 I couldn't stand it anymore. I call the 24 hour lactation line (bawling my eyes out), I'm not sure how she understood anything I was saying, but explained my problem and she made it clear that I can't continue to use the nipple shield because that's what's causing the injury to my nipples and even though I had flat nipples we would still be able to get him to latch on. So I have her on speaker phone walking me through things, Ang helping hold baby and my boob, and both baby and I crying. We got him to latch a few times, but he just wasn't having it. I feel like he was already so use to the shield that learning something new just wasn't happening for him. Which brings me back to wishing we couldve gotten a correct latch in the first place. All this stress was causing my hormones to be even more crazy. I was crying a lot, not eating, and feeling sick. I tried the pumping next but stressed myself out about that as well. I couldn't figure out how I was suppose to have time to pump my milk, feed it to my baby, and take care of him all by myself. I know women do it all the time, but I couldn't. Sooooo all this said I decided to switch him to formula... and was so so so upset about it. But now that I'm not stressing out about all of that I'm feeling a lot better emotionally.

* We had his two week apt yesterday and he weighs 9lbs even! (He was 7lbs 12 oz @ birth)

* We also had his two week old pics taken on Tuesday. He was a trooper and only had one major fussy moment. I will post pics when I get them back.

* My mom and sister have been in town since Monday and have been a huge huge help. It's been so nice having them here. Well.. my sister is here to stay!! Little man is so lucky to have all these ladies in his life.

* Monkey LOVES to eat. He is still eating almost every two hours. Lately we've gotten some three hour stretches at night. He is eating almost 3 oz every time. Sometimes he will have 4oz!

Will try to be better and update more often! Oh... and I STILL can't comment on any ones blog that uses blogger. I'm so close to switching to wordpress b.c it is pissing me off. I'm still following along ladies!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have been so busy around here but figured I needed to get this written down before I forgot details.

So early early at 0300 am we headed into the hospital. We both had gotten next to nothing for sleep because we were so nervous/excited. I was up at midnight doing last minute things that didn't matter like painting my nails and plucking my eyebrows... I think it distracted me enough to make it until 0300 when we went in. We got there and got all checked in and what not. By the time the had drawn my blood, started my IV, asked a bunch of stupid questions, it was 0430. They have standard orders on what they can/can't start depending on what my cervix was doing, so they checked me at that time and I was a 3 and 50% effaced. She suggested we do a prostaglandin gel first. They re-checked me at 0700 and no change, decided to try one more gel before starting pitocin. The gels made me feel real crampy and positive that things were making progress down there. Re-checked me at 0845... no change. So at 0900 they started the pitocin. The first downside of the pitocin is I couldn't get up and roam around like I was with the gel. The baby had to be on the monitor at all times.. unless I needed to go to the bathroom. So every 1/2 hour to hour they came in and turned the pitocin up. The contractions were getting stronger but bearable.. more tiring than anything. It got to be 12:30 and I was pretty sure I was ready for an epidural. I wanted them to check me again, just because I thought if I had made some good progress I could wait a little bit more.... NO CHANGE. So 1:00 CRNA came in and placed my epidural. Not so great of a time... I had weird scary shooting pains down my back and into my legs ( working in the Neuro ICU gives me way more information then I need to know) . Finally got through that part and started getting some relief. By 2:00 you would think the epidural would be working but it was only working on my left side. The CRNA came back and bloused me with more drugs and additional lidocaine which gave me some relief for like 30 minutes but then I could still feel my right side. Then by 03:00 my nurse was like, lets go ahead and place a foley cath, you shouldn't feel a thing. Holy crap.. the catheter hurt more than the epidural! So obviously the epidural wasn't in the right place. At 04:00 the CRNA came back and talked to us and said we really needed to take that one out and put another one in.. Ugh.. She made me feel a little better about her putting another one in when she put it into terms of.. If you have to have a c-section I can't send you to the OR with the epidural you have now. Ok ok ok.. here we go again. The 2nd epidural wasn't nearly as bad at all. I don't know if it was all the drugs/hormones but when she was putting the 2nd one in I was shaking uncontrollably. The shaking continued on and off until I had the baby too btw. So 2nd epidural in... aww relief. It was working! 05:00 the MD came in, checked me .. I was a 4 and 60%... and broke my water. Right after breaking my water she said I went to a 5 and 80%. From then on my evening was a little blurry. The contractions were still pretty intense despite my working epidural. I was having to use my pain button and bolus myself pretty frequently. By 10:00 the pain was pretty bad ( a lot in my lower back ) and they checked me... 9 and 100& ! The baby was still moving down so they wanted me to labor for another hour.. which they sat me almost straight up and down in the bed for. 11:15 comes around and I'm fully dilated and effaced and get to start pushing! I start pushing at 11:30. The pushing actually gives me so much relief from the contraction that is happening. We pushed with the nurse for 45 minutes and then she called the MD in. 15 minutes later we had our little monkey. I have to say the pushing baby part out was by far the easiest part of my whole day. He came out with his right hand up next to his head and his left arm was wrapped around the umbilical cord! The put him right onto my chest and I just cried and cried and cried. It is such a crazy amazing experience. He came out even more beautiful and more perfect then I could have ever ever imagined.

We are now home and adjusting to everything. It is a lot of work and we are both still feeling like zombies. It's already to rewarding.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He's here

Sweet baby Monkey arrived early early Tuesday morning @ 0022! He weighed 7lbs12oz and is 22 inches long. It was a LOOOONG 15 hour labor... I will update soon with pics and birth story. He is the new love of our lives. Right now just trying to recover and catch up on sleep!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Time

Well little man decided not to come all weekend. So now it's time to get things moving! It's 1230 in the morning right now and I just got up, had a light snack, and am getting ready to get in the shower. They want us to arrive at the hospital at 0300 am to get things started. I'm a bit nervous b/c the nurse/MD didn't really tell us what to expect. I wonder if they will try giving me another dose of Cervidil before any other interventions IE pitocin would be initiated. We are so excited and anxious! It's pretty crazy to be able to say our baby will be born today 7/18/2011!! I will try to keep everyone posted! We are bringing our computers to the hospital to keep our minds busy if things are slow.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well I sit here just a bit disappointed. My NP calls me yesterday morning and says since my "Bishop" score was right on edge and they were short staffed this weekend, they would not be inducing me Saturday. However she wanted me to go into the hospital to get the gel on my cervix to help ripen things... So Friday morning at 10:00 we heading up to the hospital. The MD on call checked me and I still was a 2-3 dilated and 50% effaced. The gel stayed in for about 2 hours while the monitored baby. Once the two hours were up they sent us home. They didn't even re-check my cervix which I thought was odd, but maybe was also glad they didn't because I'm afraid if it didn't help thin it out or I hadn't made progress I would have been disappointed. So know we wait all weekend for baby boy to come on his own. They did set up for me to come in Monday morning @ 03:00 a.m to be induced if baby didn't come. That's the latest and greatest folks..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

40 weeks

Headed to the docs office this morning after getting only 3 hours of sleep last night... :( I am dilated to a 3 and still 50% effaced. I started crying when I was in the office because I guess I'm so ready to be done... and I'm sleep deprived. She went ahead and stripped my membranes... which hurt SOOOO bad.. holy crap. She said it was a really good strip and I didn't see her gloves but Ang said they were bloody. SOO the plan is if I don't have this baby in the next two days I'm going in Saturday and to start getting induced. This was never my plan nor did I want to have to be induced but I'm to that point that I just want to be done. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the stripping of membranes works and I go into labor on my own! Here is my 40 week pic!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Thought maybe today was the day. I couldn't go to bed last night until 0200 and then was awoken with cramps and low back ache around 0400. I've been up since... I'm exhausted but I can't nap b/c I wake up with cramps. They aren't horrible, just uncomfortable. I also haven't been able to eat ANYTHING today. I've felt nauseated and actually had to take my zofran this afternoon. ( oh and I have had the poops..tmi) I still don't feel good and wondering how am I going to get any sleep? Maybe this is early labor? Who knows... I have no idea what to expect. Ang has been up this whole time with me too bc she can't sleep and she hasn't eaten all day either but she says she thinks it's because of nerves. We have a doctors appt tomorrow morning at 0930 so maybe they will tell us it's go time! Wish us luck. I need to have this kid now or at least start feeling better. I need to post a picture too... tomorrow I will take a 40 week pic and try to post it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

39 weeks

We are beyond ready for this little monkey to arrive. Went to the doctor Thursday and am dilated to a 2 and 40% effaced. Whoo hoo... After my exam on Thursday I had braxton hicks ALL day... literally 11:30 am till I went to sleep. I told myself if they didn't stop by morning Iwould go in and get checked out, but I woke up and they were gone! Last night at work I starting having them again but this time I was getting what I think were some real contractions. They were low period like cramps and back ache that came and went. This lasted about two hours and wasn't regular though. I'm also having more shooting groin pains/vagina pains... hopefully this means he is making his way down. Tonight will be my last night at work, which I'm totally pumped about! Then it's just a wait game for baby! Doc said they would strip my membranes next Thursday if I still hadn't had him!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Still here! Still no baby! Every twitch, twinge, ache, or pain makes me think... ok is it time?! My appt this past week showed that I was 1cm dilated and still pretty thick! I talk to baby boy every night and let him now that ANY time now that he wants to come out his moms will be ready for him. This coming week will be my last week of work. I work Mon, Fri, Sat and then I'm done!! Yesterday I didn't feel so hot and all day I had low back ache and low abd cramps... these continued into the night and all night last night. I couldn't sleep and felt pretty horrible. I thought... maybe just maybe this is the beginning of things... nope.. today no cramps and no back ache! I know I need to relax b.c baby will come when he is ready, it just sucks b.c I'm soooo done being pregnant!! Oh... and this is probably TMI but last week I'm 95% sure I lost my mucous plug!! It made me pretty excited.. I know this is no precursor to labor but we are moving in the right direction ppl!

A big congrats to 2 moms and a wild child as they welcomed their little ladybug into the world last week!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

37 Weeks

3 more weeks to go! I'm getting so anxious to meet this little guy it's ridiculous! I'm actually feeling a lot better than I was last week. Last week I was for sure thinking that maybe he would come early b/c of how I was feeling, but now I feel normal and great again. Haha. Went to the MD yesterday and everything looked good. My group beta strep was (-) ! She checked me and I'm still closed and soft. So now more waiting. I feel like I have nothing to do on my days off. Everything is ready for baby and we have kept the house so clean that there is just nothing to do. I'm totally fine with relaxing though! We have been floating around our pool quite often this last week, which has felt amazing. Baby is still moving and grooving inside me. The "shooting" pains in my " no no area" have increased, and man are they killer. The double me over every time. Nerve pain hurts! That's all I have for now!

PS- I have some virus on my computer I'm trying to get rid of, but for some reason I can't comment on any ones blogs. Sometimes it will let me comment on wordpress but never on blogger. So ladies I'm still reading along with you all!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well folks things are definitely starting to change. 36 weeks.. I still can't believe we are going to have a little baby in our arms in less than 4 weeks. Here's what's going on.

* Breaking out.. again. It's like a full circle. My 2nd trimester up until now I have to say I have had " glowing preggo skin". These last few days I'm starting to get real dry and have more breakouts

* Back aches... oh they are killer. Once again.. just started 2 days ago. Tylenol doesn't help them, repositioning doesn't help. Getting up and walking around does help but they are mostly around when I'm trying to sleep.

* Which brings me to... lack of sleep. I'm SO tired. I am just so uncomfortable that I can't stay asleep. I will fall asleep easily but will be woken by these aches

* Peeing ALL the time. I literally can sit down to go. Get up, wash my hands, and feel like I have to go again!

* This has only happened twice in the last two days but I've had shooting siactic pain down both sides of my booty. Very painful but only lasts a few seconds

* Monkey is still moving like crazy. He has been head down for almost a month now. I feel his cute little booty all the time.

Well the countdown is on! I'm ready to meet this little man.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trial run??

So early early Tuesday morning and we got to take our first trial run to OB triage. I started having braxton hicks around 11:30pm. I noticed they at least 5-6 that hour. Ang got me a huge water to drink, ( even though I knew I was plenty hydrated b/c I had been drinking so much that day) I got up and walked around, layed down, changed positions. So then from 12:30 - 1:30 am I continued to have around 5-6 contractions that hour too, so we decided better safe than sorry and headed up to the hospital. Baby was moving like crazy though, so that made me comfortable.

We get to the hospital and OB triage is separate from the ER, but since it was after hours I had to go to the ER and they call someone from OB to come down and get me. I was feeling totally fine this whole time too btw. She comes with a wheel chair and I say that I can walk, and she says no way, walking could put you in labor. haha. So we get upstairs to OB triage and NO ONE was there... patient wise. It was nice b/c we were seen right away. I gave a urine sample which was perfect and actually showed how hydrated I was, and took my vital signs which were all perfect too. Then they hooked me up to the fetal monitor and we got to hear our little monkey's heart beat away! It was funny b/c our nurse called him a little monkey without us telling her that's what we call him. She told me to let her know when I had a contraction so she could see if she could pick it up on the monitor. Of course.... I'm there for almost 45 minutes and no more contractions. I had a few towards the end but she wasn't in the room.

Ok, now here was the unpleasant part of the whole experience. The nurse said she talked to the MD on call and as long as my cervix was closed they would send me home. I haven't yet this pregnancy had to have my cervix checked so this was a first. I should've know it wasn't going to be easy when my little Asian nurse prefaced that her fingers were so short so she would "try" to check but most likely would have to get another nurse to check. Not sure why at that point she didn't just get the other nurse. So she get's me in position with my fists under my booty and legs spread eagle. Then she proceeds to jam jam jam her fingers ... actually I felt like her whole forearm was up there. I almost wanted to cry because of how bad it hurt. I thought I must be being a huge baby b/c I've never heard of anyone else say it hurt them. I knew it would be uncomfortable, but this was sooo painful. She was able to feel it though and said it was closed but very soft. I asked what it being very soft meant and she just said that it was a good thing and means I'm preparing for baby. So glad for all the good news and to find out I wasn't in preterm labor.

Right after she checked me I had to pee so bad. She unhooked me from everything and let me get dressed to. When I went to the bathroom and looked into the toilet, blood. Then wiped, more blood. Shit, I knew that was coming the way her exam went. I let her know and she said that was normal. All day yesterday I continued to pass some clots and have bloody discharge but it was dark old blood. It finally tapered off this morning.

So we are all good! It was actually kind of nice b/c now we know where to go and how it will all really work when it's the real thing!

Nothing else to report! We got our maternity pics back! I will post a few my next post

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

33 week-a-roos

Folks, made it yet another week!! Bad thing is, nothing too much to report. I will update bullet style

* strangers are now asking me "when are you due" as opposed to "how far along are you"

* After working my 12 hour night shifts I get home and have pitting edema in my ankles and now starting to work up my leg... boo. I'm naughty and haven't religiously been wearing my support hose like I should

* I bought a used breast pump off Ebay and got it in the mail the other day! I'm sterilizing everything again tonight!

* Little monkey is getting so strong. Sometimes is feels like he is clenching his fist around important things down there. Ouch

* Our good friends are throwing us a shower this weekend. Ang is super excited b/c she didn't get to be at the other one.

* The nursery is mostly done. I've been slacking and need to post some pictures of it.

* I'm pretty positive I peeed my pants the other day.... hahah. We had gone to see the play Mamma Mia and after the show I went to the restroom. We then had about a two block walk to the car and on the way there I kept feeling very wet down there. I looked down and I actually had a few spots on my pants that had leaked through. My first though is... could this be my water breaking somehow... which worried me. But after getting in the car and getting home and didn't leak anymore... and hasn't since. SOOOO it MUST of been pee... great! haha.

* My good friend Lindsey is coming in town for the shower this weekend. I'm excited for pedicures, pool time, and relaxation.

That's all for now!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

30 weeks

I sometimes still can't believe that I'm actually pregnant. 30 weeks seems so much closer to baby being here than 28 or 29 weeks. A woman I work with has a daughter that was pregnant with twins and just delivered them at 29 weeks. One baby was 2lbs the other was 1lb. The 2lb baby actually got extubated (no breathing tube) and the 1lb baby is still on the ventilator. I guess they are doing pretty well. It just is so crazy. I got to thinking, what if baby boy decided to come now. I thought I was ready, but I feel no where mentally ready to this baby yet. Then I start over thinking things, and I scare myself. I get scared thinking about the labor and delivery mostly. My MD asked me my last appt if I had a birth plan and my answer was my birth plan was to not have a plan. I feel like if I have a specific plan in mind and try to control things it will stress me out even more, so I'm trying to go with the flow. This post is kind of rambling, but it's so weird how this week things are starting to feel more real.

The baby is moving around like crazy these days. I still can't really tell what body parts are what! He get's the hiccups a lot more often too... it's pretty cute! I'm starting to get pretty tired towards the end of the day. My back has been hurting and causing me most of my discomfort. I've also noticed my ankles and feet have been swollen after my 12 hour shifts. I starting wearing support hose (which I should wear all the time anyway) which will hopefully help with some of the swelling.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still alive

My sister, mamma, and grandma

My cousin, Aunt, Grandma and cousin

My grandma, sister and Stepmom

My cousin and sister


Three of my good girlfriend (the left two are preggo too)!

Wow. It's been almost three weeks since I have posted anything!! I'm such a slacker. It's not that I have been super busy... maybe just super lazy. Things are still going great and right on track. Our appts have now switched to every two weeks. Our last one was this past Wednesday. Everything looked great. I passed my glucose test with flying colors!!! ( thank god)! Baby is measuring up fine and heartbeat was good. We have been seeing the NP these last few times we have gone, and I really really like her. I feel like she takes more time with us and isn't rushing our questions or concerns so she can get us out of there. I was actually a little disappointed this last week b/c we were checking out and our MD was right there and casually/politely smiled at us, but you could tell he had NO idea who we were. Things like this make me think that next time we will use a midwife. I want to feel special every time we go, and not just a number.

This past weekend I flew back home for a long weekend to visit my family and have our first baby shower. Ang wasn't able to come, so it was just me and the babe! It was super nice to see all my family and some of my close girlfriends/family friends. Everyone was sad Ang couldn't make it, but we are planning a trip home in December to visit again. Here are a few pics from the shower

Monday, April 18, 2011

27 weeks

The pic is a bit blurry for some reason!

This was a good/busy week! Friday I surprised Ang with tickets to go see Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart!! It was such a good show!! We had a great time. We stayed out late and it felt good. We ended the night by going to Yard House and I had some decaf coffee and a hot brownie the size of my face!

Friday during the day we had our monthly checkup for the little guy. Everything looked good. My BP was fine, baby's HR was great and I'm measuring just where I should be! I did my glucose testing too.. yuck. I hope I passed, but I'm a little worried b/c after I drank that stuff I felt all lightheaded and goofy. A little pukey too. I didn't hear anything from the office later that day, so I guess If I don't hear anything about it Monday, I will assume everything went fine.

This weekend was Phoenix Pride!!! We had to work last year so we made it a point to go by this year! Let me tell you, I did not handle it well. The 95 degree weather plus walking around was really hard on me. I even brought water and purchased another water when I got there but I was just sweating the whole time and kept needing to sit down! We ran into a friend and her new GF while we were there, so that was nice to see a familiar face! We ended the night by coming home, cooked brats on the grill with coleslaw and baked beans and taking a 2 hour nap before bedtime! Gotta love naps before bedtime!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where have all the lesbos gone?!

So the other night Ang and I were laying in bed talking about anything and everything. The conversation we had is one that has come up many of times between us. It goes like this pretty much. We somehow get to talking about our great friends we have here (which are all straight couples/straight girls) and that we are so lucky to have them support us the way they do, but that we wish we could find a gay/lesbian couple to become friends with. That's the problem. We have a good gay male friend here who we love, but he is at a different time in his life. He is out with guy friends every day of the week and wanting to be out and about all the time and hanging out with us probably isn't very fun! He is single and ready to mingle. We also have a few gay girl friends but once again totally different stages of their lives. We don't know ANY lesbian couples. Their relationships last 2-4 months... It sucks. I feel like read all of your guy's blogs and it seems like you all have close lesbian couples that live close and are a good support system for you guys. I'm so jealous. We just wish that we could find a couple that are doing/going through the same thing as we are, that live in the same city as us. We often feel like we are the only ones in the world going through this (which obviously isn't true, that's why I blog). I don't even know how we would go about meeting other couples. Then I think about when baby is born, it would be nice to have play dates or get together with other families like ours, but have no idea how that would work. Does anyone else feel like this, or are we really the only un-lucky ones that don't have anyone local?! Am I being silly to over think this/want this connection?? I feel like this post was a bunch of rambling..!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday

..... TO ME! This birthday seems especially meaningful to me! Baby turned 26 weeks yesterday and I am 26 years old today. I never knew how old I would be when I had my first child but 26 feels so right. Ang took me to a nice dinner @ Melting Pot on Wednesday for a birthday celebration. It was amazing, as usual. It's my favorite place to go for special occasions. I also did something there that I haven't done this whole 26 weeks of pregnancy. I had my first glass of wine. It was a small glass and it took me all 2 hours of dinner to enjoy it, but mmmm how I miss my wine! My friends all wanted to join us for dinner but Wednesday didn't work for them so I get to celebrate AGAIN on Saturday!! And guess where they really wanted to take me?....Melting Pot!! WHAT!... Melting pot 2 times in one week... YES please! This morning as I write this I'm waiting for Ang to get home from work. She called me last night and asked what I wanted for breakfast, so I'm looking forward to some pancakes this morning! Then off to bed. I slept horrible last night. I wouldn't even call it sleep. It was tossing and turning and bad dreams and being uncomfortable. I'm going to take a few benadryl and go back to bed, which works out great because I have to work tonight. Sucks spending my birthday sleeping all day and then going to work!! I will post a pic in the next few days of 26 week belly. (looks a lot like 25 weeks)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Houston, we have a problem

Well maybe not a big problem but check out what I had to buy at the store today...

You may be thinking, Oh how great and prepared am I to get these prior to breast feeding... no. Since last week my nippies have began to leak. I thought last week when it happened it was maybe a one time occurrence but it has continued to the point where I had to make this pad purchase! Now it's not a TON but it is enough that I'm staining the inside of my bras, and waking up with my sleep tank tops stained. It appears to be a thin, yellowish drainage. Colostrum maybe? Has anyone else had this happen to them... esp 14 weeks before baby is suppose to get here? I googled it, and it seems more common than I thought, but how come no one told me about this!! Hmm ... maybe this is a sign that I won't have any problems with my milk coming in, and breastfeeding will come easy??

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

24 weeks

Whoo hoo! Made it another week!

* I'm feeling GREAT! I keep thinking wow, this is why women must love being pregnant. My energy levels are up, I'm in a good mood, I have a beautiful belly growing everyday, and I get to feel my son move around. Ok, so the first three months were rough but getting to where I am now is totally worth it!

* On a down note.... I'm starting to have trouble sleeping. Which if you know me at all...this is NEVER a problem. I'm always down for a nap or sleeping in whenever I can get it. Lately, I can't even try to force a nap. I'm just not tired. Which confuses me, because then I go to bed thinking that I ought to be able to sleep real well b/c no napping or being up all night working... and NO. I don't feel like I'm uncomfortable or anything but my sleeping consists of tossing and turning, getting up to go to the bathroom, and dosing off but waking up wide awake 30 minutes later. Any suggestions?

* My Jayhawks play tomorrow afternoon... and I don't have to work!! I'm excited to go belly up (literally) to the bar, enjoy and O'douls (or Shirley temple), and watch some March Madness!

* So strangers are finally starting to notice that I'm pregnant. The latest was when I went to Sams Club to get a few bags of cat food. Now I know that being preggo you aren't suppose to do any heavy lifting, but these bags weighed maybe 8 or 9 lbs.... I was checking out and in front of all the other customers she said " Oh girl, you should NOT be lifting those, I don't want you going into labor right here in the store". Haha. I just smiled. She insisted that someone help me out to my car. Since when does being pregnant=helpless!

Here's the belly

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I feel like I haven't had anything to blog about lately. The pregnancy is trucking along nicely and I'm feeling great.

We finished our baby registry @ Babysrus this past weekend. Talk about overwhelming. There was so many of the same things but different brands. We didn't know which was the best to get. I felt like there was a lot of stuff we missed to... but don't know that we have missed it yet. I'm glad it's done though!

I'm flying home at the end of April and my mamma is throwing us a baby shower in Kansas! I'm super excited to see everyone but bummed out b/c Ang won't be coming with me. She doesn't get paid time off work and can't afford to come home too. The good thing is a good friend of ours is throwing the baby shower for us in Arizona and she will be there for that one!

I also have two good friends in Kansas that are both preggo! One is four weeks behind me and is also having a boy, and the other is six weeks behind me and hasn't found out the sex yet! I'm excited to see them and their baby bumps!

Ang is getting more chances of feeling baby move. I feel like it is just luck of the draw though, because the kicks are so sporadic. Only twice know I have felt HUGE rolls, or body parts go across the whole length of my tummy! It's so crazy to feel!

I changed my last name, to Ang's last name this past November and finally yesterday morning got my ass to HR to get my name switched for all my work stuff and insurance. It was a relief to get that out of the way. Speaking of work... did you guys work up until your due date or schedule to be off a week or two before you were due? I see positives in both.. I want to work up until my due date because I don't want to have to take off any extra time from work, b/c I want to use it for when baby is here. But it also sounds appealing to have some time off for last minute preparations and to relax before baby comes.

I don't think I mentioned in my last few posts but I just found out a few weeks ago that my baby sister will be moving here to Arizona in August!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most exciting news EVER. We love her, love having her around, and can't wait for her to be here. She is finishing up her bachelors of social work degree at KU and then will hopefully be able to fine a job fairly easy here. We have a great support group of friends here, but it is nice to know we will have family to be around this new baby boy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So we had our monthly appointment yesterday with our OBGYN. I have felt like every appt up to this one I have had NO questions at all and we are in and out of there very quickly. Well I had a few this time and was glad to get them answered.

#1) I have been seeing "stars" a lot more often. Mostly with position changes and things like that. I guess preggo women are a lot more prone to postural hypotension, which is what he thinks is happening. Only solution... drink more fluids and change positions more slowly. I know I have been bad with not drinking enough fluids. He said make sure your pee is clear and if you are drinking enough you should be going every two hours! Oh man.. bring on the fluids!

#2) Warning...TMI! I have been having some yellowish discharge lately and have read that yellow=not good. He said that he was glad I told him and that any white, clear, non-odorious, discharge is ok but usually not yellow. THEN he asks me... do you notice a bad odor... and I say no I haven't at all. Then he looks at Ang and is like... have you... hahaha. She was like umm no! A little awkward! So he wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic to take for a week, just to cover things.

#3) This wasn't a question I originally prepared to ask, but before the MD came in I asked the assistant how much weight I had gained from the last visit (which was a month ago). She responded 5 lbs and gave a worried face when saying it. I asked if that was ok, and she said, "Weeeelllll, we really would have only liked you to gain 1 lb". Ouch. So now I feel like a big fatty. But then I started thinking about it... I'm almost 23 weeks, and my total weight gain is 8-9 lbs. Is that too much?? I know I haven't been very good at eating healthy and I should be more cautious but she made me feel like I'm on my way to gestational diabetes. So I didn't mention anything to the MD about this because I was sure he would say the same thing and I didn't want to hear it! So I left the office feeling like I needed to go eat salads and drink more water.. haha.
Luckily I have such a sweet wife who took me to lunch and urged me to get the cheeseburger and fries that I had been craving!

He went over very briefly that my ultrasound from last month looked all normal, and my lab work (including the AFP test) came back normal.

Next month I have to do the glucose test and get more labs.

Friday, March 11, 2011


So I'm wide awake @ 0230 in the morning. I can't figure out if I'm up because I'm not working or if I'm up because I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable sleeping?? Either way.. it sucks!

So yesterday Ang finished up the boy's room! It turned out really beautiful. We have the crib, changing table, and dresser so all we still need is a glider with ottoman, small lamp, and just some more little decorations! I've also been looking for ideas online on how to organize the closet. We have a pretty big closet but I have NO IDEA what to put in there to get it organized for baby stuff!

So funny story.. I finally had to break down and go buy a few bigger bras! I have always had small bbs and didn't really feel like they were growing but I guess they were. I'm now a C! haha. Anyways.. I'm browsing through the bras and found a brand I liked but the size I needed was on the rack almost all the way on the floor. So I'm squatting to find my size and somehow loose my balance. Now, instead of just letting myself fall back onto my butt, I think I could catch myself. So I try to stand up but the backward momentum had already started. I'm sure I looked like something from a cartoon show. I had my arms flailing as I'm peddling backward trying to not fall. Well I obviously fall. But it gets better. I fall into another rack of bras, knocking it over, and bras flying everywhere. Luckily it was 11:00 in the morning and no one was around to witness this. I felt so stupid and embarrassed at the time, but now it's pretty funny. I guess this belly is throwing off my balance a bit!

I will post this weeks bell pic soon... haven't taken it yet!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Little late

I'm a little late posting my 21 week belly shot! I have been feeling under the weather for these last couple days. I hate not feeling good but not being able to take much of anything for it! I called my MD because I was all worried about not feeling good and he said it was most likely a virus. I'm a nurse, so I knew exactly what his next words would be. "get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids and continue to take the Tylenol as needed". Damn Virus's. I'm feeling a bit better today but now I'm starting to cough stuff up..ew! Hasn't stopped my appetite though. Holy crap... I feel like I'm eating constantly...and when I'm not eating I'm thinking about eating! haha. I like this feeling much more than the wanting to puke feelings I had the first three months!
We started to paint the nursery! I need to post some pics of everything coming together in there! It's so exciting!
Sorry about the bra and undies shot! I always seem to take my belly pics the morning I get off work, before I jump in the shower!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

20 weeks!

Omg... we are half way there! I really cannot believe it. It seems like it has gone by so quickly yet so slow at the same time.

I'm feeling baby move sooo much more now. I love love love it. People at work keep saying just wait until the baby gets bigger because the kicks will hurt and you will get tired of them. I just don't believe that. I don't think I could EVER get tired of feeling our little boy!

I catch myself day dreaming a lot lately. I wonder what baby will look like, I wonder if he will love us as much as we love him, I think about how our lives are going to change. These thoughts consume my mind!

I'm feeling really great. I don't feel as tired anymore. I want to eat .... ALL THE TIME! I can see why people say the 2nd trimester is the best. I feel like I'm eating a lot more but luckily my weight gain to date is 6 lbs!

We had an awesome time in Hawaii. We went whale watching, snorkeling, walked on the beach a lot, rented a car and drove around the island, laid around on the beach and in the hotel room, had some wonderful meals and mostly enjoyed the time together, just the two of us.

Speaking of wonderful meals... Does anyone watch Dog the Bounty Hunter? Some how one night we went to dinner at Benihani (which is a Japanese steak house where they cook in front of you) and because it was just the two of us, we got paired with 5 other people to make a full table of seven. The 5 ppl we got paired with were three of Dog the bounty hunter's kids and a couple that were "babysitting" them. Haha. I have only seen the show a handful of times, but thought, what a small world...and what a very interesting dinner!

Here's another question. Now that we know baby monkey is a boy... we want to start our regestiry. When is a good time to start doing that? Is 20 weeks too early? I feel like it might take a while though because everytime I enter a babysrus I'm sooo overwhelmed.

I will leave you with pictures! My ever so growing belly and our 19 week ultrasound of our son

Thursday, February 17, 2011


well well well....We had our 2nd trimester/19 week ultrasound yesterday! It was once again SO amazing seeing our little one! Everything was normal and I was measuring right at 19 weeks. Little baby weighs 9ounces!

So the majority of you ladies were right... baby monkey is........ A BOY

We are beyond excited! I will upload some of the ultrasound pics when we get back from Hawaii!

See ya all on the flip side!

Friday, February 11, 2011

18 weeks

Wow, already to 18 weeks. It's flying by all too quickly! This week the baby is a size of a sweet potato!! Baby is still moving and grooving around in my belly. 2 nights ago at work, around 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning I felt the biggest kick yet so far. In fact it was so big I jumped a bit. It scared me and got my heart racing! I talked to some of the girls at work that are preggo... one is 30 weeks and she says even though she is so use to feeling baby move some of the kicks she gets catch her off guard! I loved it!! Ang has been calling the baby wiggly lately! She still is jealous that she can't feel the kicks yet! How early were your partners able to feel baby move??

(excuse our messy bathroom!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hanging out

I feel like I have nothing to blog about lately! Everything is going well and I'm feeling great!!

We have our gender ultrasound next Wednesday. I am sooooo looking forward to it! I'm pretty convinced that it's a baby boy and will be so surprised if it happens to be a girl! Of course either or will be fine by me. I just still think it's a little guy!

I got a manicure this past weekend and opted for the gel polish. I have had it once before but let me tell you...It's fabulous. I can wear it to work b/c it isn't considered acrylic and it lasts almost 3 weeks with out chipping or peeling. It withstands all my hand washing I have to do at work! The down side is that it cost $50.00. Maybe I won't get in the habit of doing it all the time but it was a nice treat!

Ang is ready to feel the baby move. She gets so jealous every time I tell her I'm feeling movement!

Hawaii is just a week away!! I like the last minute vacation idea because it feels like we just booked it and day is so close! We literally have NO plans for when we are there. We have talked about things we might want to do but decided we will just play it by ear when we are there. I like this idea b/c if we are tired and don't feel like doing anything... we don't have to!

I'm so happy yet another winter has passed and I have been here in Arizona. I don't envy my family and friends with their negative degree weather and wind chills, and tons of snow they got over these past couple weeks! It has been chilly here however! We had the heat on all last week! The one nice thing about it being colder here is I sleep SO much better during the days when I work nights.

Wow... how's that for a random blog post!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

17 weeks

Welp another week has gone by! Hello 17 weeks! I can also say I am 100% sure I'm feeling baby now!! Baby is most active between 10pm and 5am! Which is awesome b/c I work night shift so I get to feel it often. My little bump feels more pronounced this week too! Still no one at work has asked if I'm pregnant, but I guess things are a little to see in scrubs too. But no worries, I know huge and bigger are in my near future!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bedding and movement

Welp today I got our bedding for the nursery!! Whoo hoo! I have been looking for months now and felt like there wasn't anything I was crazy about. I had this color scheme of grey and yellow in my mind and so there was nothing I could find that was good enough. SOOOO I broadened my search and found this....

What do you guys think?! Our crib, changing table, and dresser are all white as well! I put everything on our crib and hung the mobile and quite like it!

Also another question to throw out to y'all... When did you first feel baby move?! I feel like maybe I have felt it move, but can't be for sure.
Hope everyone is having a peachy Monday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Moon

Remember a few posts back when I said I had a week of time off coming up?! Well we booked our trip! We are heading to HAWAII for 5 nights 6 days!!! Whoo hoo! We are so excited to get away, just the two of us, before baby comes. We are staying in Oahu, off Waikiki beach. We have both been before, but never together. I'm excited for some relaxation, beautiful scenery, and some fun in the sun!

We also had an appt with our NP on Friday. It was suppose to be a teaching visit...but there wasn't much teaching that went on. She pretty much asked how I was feeling, listened to fetal heart tones, an asked if we had questions! Hmm... ok. It was great getting to hear baby though. We also got to make our appt for our gender ultrasound! It will be the day before we leave for our trip!

What do you guys think?? Boy or Girl?!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

14 week belly

I need to post a pic that Ang takes of me, but it seems like whenever I'm ready to take a pic we don't have our camera! So the cell phone will work for now! Little baby is trucking along!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Random things..!

* When we moved into our house it was a foreclosure and the person who lived here last took all the ceiling fans and most light fixtures in the house! This July will mark two years of living here but we have been sooooo slow in getting all those things replaced. Especially in the rooms that we aren't in very often. So I'm proud to say we bought a new fan with lights and all from Lowes for the baby room! Oh the little things that excite me! I get to excited thinking about getting the nursery all ready.

* My little pooch/baby bump is still slowly growing! I still haven't gained any weight yet! I have days where I have no nausea and eat every two hours or so. Then have a day like yesterday when anything I put in my mouth makes me want to puke!

* On the upside.. I feel like I'm back to being myself. I feel for the most part I have more energy and my face is clearing up!

* I'm looking forward to having almost a week off work this time next month! I think we decided we are going to do some kind of mini vacation. It will prob be a last minute thing b/c we still haven't planned anything.

* The show Intervention of A&E is so addicting (haha) to watch. I can get stuck watching two or three episodes in a row

* Our next time we get to see the doctor is this coming Thursday. The receptionist that scheduled it called it our teaching visit and that it would be with the nurse practitioner. We keep wondering what they will be teaching?! I hope when we are there the set up our ultrasound for 19-20 weeks! We are excited to know for sure what this little baby is.

That's the latest and greatest folks!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Seems like 14 weeks is time for my uterus to really start stretching! It's killing me. This off and on cramps hurt so bad and make me feel so uncomfortable. It seems like they are worse when I'm laying down and trying to go to sleep!

I looked up and googled a lot about this last night to make sure I'm normal! Round ligament pain starts at 14 weeks and that has got to be what these pains and cramps are!

Anyone else experience these?!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy One Year

So this past Saturday January 8th marked Ang and I's one year anniversary of marriage!! This year also marks four years that we have been together! Wow, it has all gone by so quick. We have been through so much together and our lives are about to get so much more crazy when this lil one arrives!
Here are some pics from last year in Whistler, Canada where we got married. (We also got engaged there the year prior!) If you haven't been there...GO!
In the car after we signed the offical paperwork
Us with our wedding commisoner
Our rings are complete!

Right before the wedding

Shots before the wedding! (we were both so nervous)

Love you hunny! You are the best wife in the entire world and I can't wait to spend year after year with you!