Sunday, January 16, 2011


Random things..!

* When we moved into our house it was a foreclosure and the person who lived here last took all the ceiling fans and most light fixtures in the house! This July will mark two years of living here but we have been sooooo slow in getting all those things replaced. Especially in the rooms that we aren't in very often. So I'm proud to say we bought a new fan with lights and all from Lowes for the baby room! Oh the little things that excite me! I get to excited thinking about getting the nursery all ready.

* My little pooch/baby bump is still slowly growing! I still haven't gained any weight yet! I have days where I have no nausea and eat every two hours or so. Then have a day like yesterday when anything I put in my mouth makes me want to puke!

* On the upside.. I feel like I'm back to being myself. I feel for the most part I have more energy and my face is clearing up!

* I'm looking forward to having almost a week off work this time next month! I think we decided we are going to do some kind of mini vacation. It will prob be a last minute thing b/c we still haven't planned anything.

* The show Intervention of A&E is so addicting (haha) to watch. I can get stuck watching two or three episodes in a row

* Our next time we get to see the doctor is this coming Thursday. The receptionist that scheduled it called it our teaching visit and that it would be with the nurse practitioner. We keep wondering what they will be teaching?! I hope when we are there the set up our ultrasound for 19-20 weeks! We are excited to know for sure what this little baby is.

That's the latest and greatest folks!

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