Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So Thursday we get to see baby again!! I feel like we are so lucky that we have gone so frequently. The only reason we get to go back again to our fertility doc is b.c he wants to check on my subchorionic hematomas to make sure they haven't grown any larger! THEN next week is our first appt with the REAL OB! I'm nervous to go see them b.c we have grown so close to all the staff and our doctor at the fertility clinic. I like my OBGYN though. Plus he is gay and I like that aspect of it to. We clicked when I had to go for my annual girl stuff so I think it will all go well.

Will leave you with a picture of one of our sweet Christmas Kitties


  1. Adorable kitty! Thinking of you and your appointment tomorrow. Looking forward to the next update.

  2. How did the appointment go? I hope the hematomas didn't get any bigger--but that the monkey did! :)