Monday, August 23, 2010


I know the break was probably a good thing for both of us, but now the wait on everything is killing me! I have never wanted to start my period this bad! Haha.

It should be coming along in two weeks...which seems forever.

My good friend Lindsey came in town and we had a good time! It helped to keep my mind off of baby stuff. However we went to the mall and I swear everyone was prego, had a new baby, or had a child. AND I swear the number of maternity stores and baby stores has multipled since I was there last... or it's just me obsessing.

Ang's Auntie is coming for a visit this next week for 10 days! It is always nice to have visitors, it makes things feel more like home. ( Ang and I just moved to Arizona last July after living in Kansas our whole lives)

Think that's about it on the home front.. sorry I'm so boring!!

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  1. Hope the waiting picks up pace. I know how hard it can be – we’ve been forced to take a few breaks along the way and it can be excruciating. My only advice is to stay busy and be active!